Skillset-mismatch- the costly result of resume robot

InsightsSkillset-mismatch- the costly result of resume robot

When authorities announced they were investigating the first fatal crash involving a Tesla Motors car known for its Autopilot feature, an old debate was reignited: how much should people rely on technology? The answer is not simple. A huge problem has affected job recruiters in today's digital age because of too much reliance on technology.

When the Internet made it extremely easy and fast to apply for jobs, overwhelmed recruiters were forced to rely on resume robot programs also known as Applicant Tracking Systems or Automated Resume Screeners- to win out less-qualified candidates.


A skill-set mismatch is a common and costly problem for HR professionals.


However, this screening approach is flawed and often translates into a skill-set mismatch.

These systems scan resumes and score them by keywords, years of experience, and places of education, among other factors.
The problem is that many job seekers game the system by mimicking the language in the job descriptions into their resumes, placing important keywords on the top of the resume and repeatedly throughout the document, overplaying not-for-credit courses they might have taken at Ivy League colleges and other prestigious schools, and other strategies.
Some candidates go as far as writing false qualifications in white font to make sure their resumes make the cut.
Meanwhile, many qualified job seekers who are not aware of any of those strategies might never be called for an interview.
The result is a hiring manager meeting with a group of candidates who often lack the skills required to perform their duties.
Resume Check Pitfalls

The skill-set mismatch is a common and costly problem for HR professionals. Employers should definitely make use of technology to screen applicants, but they need to use a reliable system that is monitored by human eyes. The consequences won't be as tragic as the driver in the Florida accident where a Tesla driver failed to hit the brakes as a tractor-trailer was turning in front of it, but much time and money will continue to be wasted instead of saved. The ideal, bullet-proof solution for screening applicants with confidence and speed is mroad's signature service, Paññã, which is assisted by artificial intelligence but is developed and managed by a team of highly qualified professionals.

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